Welcome to the online home of the Language Technology Bootcamp, where we use innovative technological approaches to explore new ways of teaching students a new language. We firmly believe that the best way to learn a language isn’t just writing verb conjugations over and over. Instead, languages should be learned through doing, exploring, and creating. That helps students develop curiosity and remember new vocabulary and syntax better than they would through brute force memorization.

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What is a language bootcamp?

Many students learn best when fully immersed in a new language. That principle is at the core of our language bootcamps, which can last one week to several months. During these immersive bootcamps, our students are fully surrounded by and absorbed in their new language. 

Unlike most immersion programs, though, our bootcamps are also technology-driven. We use interactive video games, computer modeling, video programs, and other tools to enhance our students’ learning experience and improve their retention of new words and concepts. As a result of our technology-driven approach, students have been proven to learn faster, remember longer, and leave our programs with greater fluency than they do in comparable programs without the added use of technology.

We believe wholeheartedly in this well-rounded approach to language learning. Because of the way our program is structured, our students also learn the practical language that is tailored to their needs for daily life. Language learning should be useful and immediately applicable, which means we focus on vocabulary and language tools for navigating the supermarket, attending medical appointments, finding housing, and other life skills.

I learned my first language working for a carpet cleaning company. It was great & I wouldn’t take any of it back.