After years of work in the language learning field, we’ve developed a deep foundation of experience and expertise that we’d like to put to use for you, too. We are available to help you set up your language learning center, develop new curriculum, build your program, teach classes, apply for grant funding, and otherwise achieve success for your new language learning program. Our consulting fees vary depending on the amount, type, and duration of work required, the number of consultants needed, the location of the consulting work, and other factors. Please contact our office today to explore whether collaborating with us may be the right call for you.

We are committed to helping students of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels reach their language learning goals. If you are building a language learning program in an underserved or underprivileged area, or if you have a significant percentage of students who are immigrants from non-English speaking countries or whose income falls below two times the federal poverty line, please talk to us about our options for reduced fees and other creative ways of structuring our consultancy. We never want cost to get in the way of learning.